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Hehe over the past few weeks I had been casually working with my mom in the yard planting seeds, watering and nurturing a patch of lettuce.  I had never grown things that did not come already in a pot before so this really was my first time :D It came out so delicious! I really enjoyed growing them and spending a bit of time every other day outdoors. Very stress relieving^^ I picked some today to make Korean pork wraps and it was superr yummy! 
Fresh & organic! :D

{ Jelly Anna x Lookbook Store }

Recently Lookbook Store sent me some really cool stuff! I received a long black cardigan that is half sheer half opaque and a floral laced top ^^ Both came true to size and are very comfortable. They currently have a lot of cute stuff in stock ...I've been eyeing a few of their patterned tops and kimono-style cardigans lately hehe~

Check them out, Lookbook Store 

Semi-sheer long cardigan Lookbook Store. Crop Top Lookbook Store. Shorts Misty Woman. Accessories Urban Outfitters.

Annnndddd...... the new release for the Rilakkuma Halloween Edition 2014 is out! Doesn't Korilakkuma look smashingly cutee x3 hehehe~ Speaking of Halloween, is it too early to think about what to wear?

Last weekend I came across a small booth that had a wishing tree.

I was told to write down my wish and hang it on the tree....

heehehe..... Chan Yeol ILU! You deserve the best :D

Simultaneously, I came across someone else's wish...

...quite different indeed haha.


Last weekend I went to AR with a bestie of mine and we dressed up as characters from Horiyama (Haven't done this / cosplay / stuff in year(s). The photos are private on my FB (Specific group of people can view)... but I thought I should talk/share  since... Surprisingly I  ran into some blog readers that recognized me. OHMYGOD. Yeah. Embarrassed? Honestly, yeah a little...but it was fun meeting you guys haha!

Oh yeah, one of my longtime blog readers whom I also met that weekend in person (It was nice to meet you!), Margret just started blogging. She is such a sweetheart and is super down-to-earth so if you have time please take a look! 

AAAnnnddd if you have more spare time, read Horiyama!!
It's a really light and cute romantic series ^^ Miyamura is just toooooo fluffy :D
Plus, It's only around 30+ chapters at the moment haha :D

Ugh... and since I'm in the mad shoujo reading phase of my life,
I came across this scene in Strobe Edge by Sakisakaio (For some reason I accidently RE-read this series) and it really put a knife in my throat

I'm also waiting patiently for another movie that is expected to come out later this year...

Love, Rosie

I can't wait!!! 8D

Today will be a very short (Shorter than my usual?) post as I'm trying to last minute pack for my vacay. A week in the hothot sun!~ I have yet to reply to my emails/messages since my last post but please bare with me I will get back to you soon!!

BRB, gonna have some crazylegitpinacolada fun hehe B)


Jelly Anna