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Miss my rambles? Like most of you, i've been overloaded with midterms and school work ): I had been studying like crazy for the past couple of weeks and all the hard work has paid off hehe~ I was so grateful to receive my midterms back! Let me shamefully share with you that all my test scores were A level!! :D I'm especially nervous this semester as it is the last one before I graduate -super nervous and excited at the same time!! I can't wait hehe~

Oh yeah, like my new cell phone case? The lovely people at Anyshapes sent it to me! Super cute mint green case that is personalized to say "♥ Jelly" Isn't that so cool haha? It comes with a detachable gold chain which you can wear on your shoulder too! The inside feels like a velvety suede material, surprisingly very high quality~ What I like about them is that you can customize to your liking as in the design, text and colours ~ Some famous Taiwanese celebrities also uses Anyshapes' cases!

Anyshapes was also featured in Vivi magazine!  Super cool right??

Check out their FB page >> Anyshapes or Web

[ FINE Collagen Review ]

What is Collagen? Why do we consume it?
Collagen is essentially abundant protein from animals. People have collagen too; 30% of our protein is from collagen but we start to produce less of it beginning in our twenties and its continues as we age. As we age, we lose collagen which results in losing skin elasticity, the natural glow, the youthfulness of our appearance. 

What are the effects of consuming it?
Consuming collagen helps prevent aging, loss of skin elasticity and slows down or prevents the formation of wrinkles. It helps maintain the skin, muscle, bones, joints and cartilage in your body.

Fine Hyaluron & Collagen Review:
I bought this product because it is quite popular in Asia (Apparently the #1 Collagen brand at the moment?) The smell and taste are quite similar to milk powder. It takes some time to dissolve in liquids but it's quite tasty and easy to digest. In my opinion it takes awhile to feel the effects and they are subtle at first but you can definitely take this as a health supplement. After a longer period of use, I do notice my skin gives off a nicer glow when I consume this. It's quite nourishing and i'm sure your body will thank you in the long run.

How do you consume it?
1 Tablespoon per day. You can mix it with water or milk. I've even tried mixing it into my yogurt^^ You can pretty much consume collagen powder the same way as you would consume protein powder.

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[ Odds & Ends ]

The people in my city never cease to amaze me... LOL

I thought this was interesting... Who would've known a can of Arizona Green Tea has MORE SUGER than COKE? Wow... I'm sticking to my plain tea and black coffee thanks haha~


Shirt Noul. Top Zara. Skirt Murua. Scarf Urban Outfitters. Headdress Nastygal.

Top Brandy Melville. Shorts Dazzlin. Shoes R&E.

Neck Candy Zara. Shoes Emoda. Socks Urban Outfitters. Skirt GYDA. Top Noul. Bag Nastygal.

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The Wolf of Wall Street
[ Review ] Well done Leonardo, well done. The whole film was so well put together there was never a boring moment. You watch as DiCaprio plays the character of Jordan Belfort -an average man who took a risk, a leap of faith and became successful in his own dirty way to make it onto Wall Street. Unfortunately it's a fairly accurate portrayal of our business world -extremely corrupt. I still can't believe it's based on a true story. Apparently the real Jordan Belfort was in the movie too! (The MC in the end where he's introducing DiCaprio as a mentor)
[ Rating ] ♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥ -Must see! :)

The Monuments Men
[ Review ] Honestly I wasn't sure why I went to watch this. I'm usually very open to war movies but this one... the pace was ever so slow. I understood what the movie was about -for people to appreciate how these courageous men had dedicated their life preserving the world's history but honestly I feel like you could pretty much sum it up in 10 minutes instead of 2 hours :/ There were so many good actors in this one... but not even George Clooney in tank top could save me from rating this two stars at best.
[ Rating ] ♥♥/♥♥♥♥

American Hustle
[ Review ]  Also based on a true story. Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper... throw in Jennifer Lawrence and you've already got an astounding cast. I love love love stories about con artists and theives -they're just so exciting to me! This one was interesting with a few laughs here and there but I feel like you really don't learn a good lesson at the end of the movie. I know that not every movie has to have a good message but this one... this one taught me that you can be a con artist AND get away with it. That cops are can't bring justice. That we're ruled by dirty politicians. Isn't this a bit depressing?...
[ Rating ] ♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥


Extremely excited for Game of Thrones Season Four!!! Can't wait! April 4th, save the date!!!
If you haven't watched this series yet, amazing is an understatement -go watch it now! (Not for kids though *coughcough*)


I love makeup and have had a fair run-through with concealers. I don't really have blemishes to hide but I do have my awesome panda eyes! -super eye bags that will not go away thanks to all the coffee I drink haha.

From left to right: (in all photos)
Diorskin Nude, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Chanel Correcteur Perfection, MUF Full Cover Concealer, YSL Multi-action Concealer.

I used lip liner to test the concealer's coverage...

Initial test: One layer dabbing onto skin without any finishing powder.

After 20 minutes of drying...

in # 001 Ivory

Natural finish
Dior usually offers products that are good for fair-skinned persons
Medium coverage

Has a bit of an orangey tinge to it
Highlights dry patches :(

$32 CAD


in Light 1 Chanttily

Full coverage
Good choice of available colours
Doesn't sink into fine lines & wrinkles
Barely changes colour after oxidizing!
Smooth airbrush-like finish
Tries very fast (Must be quick to apply)

in # 10

Good coverage
Oxidizes like CRAZY (Usually turning me orange)
May highlight dry patches
Few shades available

in # 3

Good coverage
Good selection of available colours
Natural finish
Oxides pretty quickley
Short lasting time

in #1

Works well as a neutral lip base
Highlights dry patches
Awkward application (Sometimes uneven)
Weak coverage

And the winner is....

This is, hands-down, my favorite concealer. Highly recommend it! Great lasting power, perfect colour, doesn't sink into fine lines (I use it specifically for my eyebags haha!) and has amazing coverage. It's definitely a keeper! If you find something better let me know haha!

[Snaps from Kumicky's Beauty Book]

I'm pretty sure everyone who's into gal knows who Kumiko Funayama! After Tsubasa Masuwaka left Popteen she has been the long-standing IT girl. She's always smiling and looking cheerful~

Look at those the facial exercises haha xD

Kumicky's Gyaru Diet? 
Sneak peek of what she eats throughout the course of a week! What a variety~
We can see her diet is consists mainly of vegetables, fish, rice and egg-infused dishes^^

Stay tuned for more, especially my haul from HK ;)

In the meantime, have a cupcake! ♥

Jelly Anna