[57] // Yesterday's Yesterday & Tomorrow's Tomorrow ft. Dermablend Professional Review

Oh Sunday mornings. I worked until 12:15am yesterday night ...went home...took a nap...and then woke up shortly after at 6am to work again at 8am. I honestly don't mind too much as in a way I could just get all my work done at once. Plus I'm pretty used to it. Though, i'd expect that my morning would be pretty crappy without a good cup of freshly roasted coffee.

Then I stumbled upon this.
And I thought ...

Never had I felt so ready to work at 8am in my life.

But I was today :)


I'm a lazy lazy bear~
It's like looking at a mirror of myself.
In bear form.

{ Here, there, & everywhere }

Sometimes I wish I had more spare time. Despite thinking that I could relax a bit more, ever since I graduated I've been working full time non stop busybusy. Work is becoming more and more fustrating but on a plus side my days off are nicely jam-packed with fun appointments: dine outs, movies, shoots, coffees and the random summer gatherings that make me feel ever so productive. Originally I planned to blog last friday...which got pushed to this friday...which was left up until today. Or if I don't manage by 12am, then I guess Monday? Sillysilly but it's also a good  kind of busy. On a side note, lately I've been thinking about shifting my career field into something completely different...scary but I'm pondering the idea hehe. It's time for major changes.

{ Dermablend Review }

Earlier in the week I received a package from the girls at Nailpolish Canada  to review their Dermablend Cover Creme. My friends told me that this was a popular makeup brand that specializes in covering up tattoos and other body marks. 

Crazy right? 
I had to replay it haha.... the model is actually the infamous, Rico Genest (Zombie Boy).

I don't have any tattoos...yet and I don't really have any scarring or major marks on my face/body so I decided to show you via a drawn on pink lip liner to see how well this stuff works.

//After an hour//

As you can see it covers marks pretty well and doesn't oxidize as much in comparison to other makeup brands. Though I'm using pale ivory, which is their lightest shade I was a bit disappointed that it is still a shade darker and than my natural skin tone (I can never find a perfect match sigh) and dries in a bit of a pinkish hue. Don't be intimidated by the initial impression. It looks fairly chalky at first but warms up immediately at the touch of fingers. I warm up the product on the palms of my fingers and dab over the area repeatedly before blending. For those that don't need as much coverage you can mix in a little bit of your moisturizer before applying to achieve more natural results. Overall it works well as a concealer on both face and body. As a reminder, it is a makeup brand that is targeted toward people who want full coverage ;)

You can view the full list of their available products >here 
And surprisingly, I noticed that they provide free shipping in Canada. 
(Finally something for us eh?)

{ P R I D E 2 0 1 4 }

Did everyone have a happy Pride week? hehe~

for the day (Thanks Jane!)

Unfortunately, the same as all other years, I missed the Pride Parade (*shakesfistatwork*) but that didn't stop me. A friend from work thought it would be fun to bring facepaint and so I decked my whole arm in watercolor hehe B)

In the middle of the day as I was taking a break and enjoying my lunch outside for a change,
I noticed Sammy the Seagull flocking towards me.

I thought we were friends.
So in my natural blogger instinct.
I wanted to take a "selfie" with my new friend.

And here we are. Say cheese.

And son of a seagull.





{ Reads & Rambles } 

Recently what I read, laugh, find amusing and sometimes agree or relate to

^This. Everytime. hehe.

// Randoms //

Going out for a friend's birthday dinner~
First time wearing a jumpsuit haha

@ Hy's Steakhouse

Then a couple of drinks at Guuuuuuu

I can't stand mojitos! Don't remember ordering this >A<

'Cause she loves them and I think they're too bitter...

{ S N A P S }

{ H A U L }

...and today's spontaneous dine out.  
Wish I could write more but i'm well past my promised deadline  for tonight (11:11pm!) I guess it's okay since most of what I wanted to say is already here. Make a wish and hope it comes true ;)

Perhaps see you next week??

Jelly Anna